How to properly hire the right Senior Pastor

Senior-Pastor-Search-300x231There comes a time in the life of every church that a new pastor will be needed. After all, the pastor is the person that keeps the church going. If your church is non-denominational, it can be especially difficult to move on. However, following are some tips on finding a new pastor and making the transition as smooth and easy as possible.

  1. Use to make your Senior Pastor Job listings
  2. Start by hiring an interim pastor. This will give you leadership so that there is no void in the leadership of the church. This should be someone who is not interested in becoming the full time pastor.
  3. Take your time with the search for the new pastor. A pastor will most likely stay for many years, so you must take the time to make sure you make the right choice.
  4. Post your position opening on a church staffing website. Individuals who are on these sites are actively seeking ministry positions- so you will typically get a good response from here.
  5. You will want to build a search committee that will find a new pastor. Make sure that they have the time to spend on the committee- you don’t want someone with three jobs that can’t spend the time needed to find a new leader.
  6. Vote on your new pastor. Of course, every church is different when it comes to making a decision on a new minister, so you should follow your church’s guidelines on hiring new staff. Be sure that your entire congregation has a voice in the decision.

Churches that are looking for a new senior pastor can find the right choice if they simply seek the guidance of the Lord in their search. Learn more at